Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dog Breath...Piu!!

What do we do when we notice that our students are struggling to understand an idea? Well we create a fun craftivity to make a memorable learning experience! That is the exact result of my latest creation!

I observed during writer's workshop that many of my students were failing to organize their writing using a beginning, middle, and end. Even their reading response retells were lacking organization. Right now my students are loving Dav Pilkey...mostly his Captain Underpants books I keep in my classroom library. I chose to use one of his picture books called Dog Breath...the kids got a kick out of it! All in all it's about a family's dog that cannot get rid of her dog breath. After reading it all together I decided that we would create a cute craft that went along with the message of the lesson.

I modeled for students how to write on the inside pages (check out the dog bowl and inside pages on my TPT store). I then wrote Hally Tosis (the name of the dog) on the front of the dog bowl. My third graders really enjoyed cutting and gluing the dog food on the bowl!

When everyone finished I filled up our empty classroom bulletin board. I love the way it turned out...a cute AND effective lesson...what a success!

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