Monday, April 17, 2017

Reader's Reach for the SKY!

The count down is on!!! How much longer until the end of your school year? 29 days here! Summer is so close I can TASTE it! Y'know that feeling in the halls at the end of the school year that's inevitable?! The "I really want summer..but we still have a couple weeks left" sort of feeling? Well, one way I find to deter the summer blues and to keep your students focused during the last few weeks is to fill your days with FUN and EXCITING activities! it is...READING ROUNDUP!

This Toy Story inspired bulletin board craft is one that my kids were STOKED to complete! Our school hosts a Family Reading Night each year. This year's theme was Cowboy/Western! One way to excite students and encourage them to attend is by creating a FUN and colorful bulletin board in anticipation of the event. I decided to go with a Toy Story-esque bulletin board and I quickly realized that my students were in LOVE with this craftivity!

So, before copying and gathering the supplies needed for the art project, I decided to get a little creative with the bulletin board background, lettering, and borders. I was looking for a way to include the clouds found on the wallpaper in Andy's room from the Toy Story movie. I found the cloud bulletin paper at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon for 5 bucks (SCORE!) Both bulletin board borders I ordered on Amazon (the red looks like a cowboy kerchief...adorable!) Next, I wanted a way to channel the movie through the lettering. I googled an image of the movie cover and used similar font and colors to write the title of my bulletin board. I printed the letters on white card-stock, cut them out and laminated them for durability. I was SO impressed with how the letters turned out...and you can't beat the price! ;) Interested in using my letters? Grab them for FREE here!

After finishing the background we were ready to get started on the art projects. Check out the picture below for the finished product of each craft! Here are the supplies you will need for this project:

  • Colored construction paper (skin colored, brown, red, orange, yellow, & blue)
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks

First, I had my students write about their current favorite books and sketch a picture in the lasso portion of the Reading Roundup page. Next, I had my students cut out the specific templates and step by step showed them how to assemble the pieces. Last, we glued our Reading Roundup page to the hands of our cowboys and cowgirls! Check out my Reading Roundup craftivity here at my TPT store!