Sunday, August 28, 2016

Back to School! ...What do you want to BEE?

So, back to school has arrived! As usual, it's never easy to get back into the swing of things...both for my students and of course, myself! As with many of us teachers, I love to change my back to school theme each year! I was so excited to put together a fun, back to school BEE themed bulletin board!

Over the summer I was on a mission to collect cardboard egg cartons for this project. I was very adamant about bugging family and my hubby was even able to score a few cartons from his co-workers at work! I started by covering my bulletin board with craft paper. Amazon has a great variety of bulletin board borders and for much cheaper than our local teacher store...I picked up the black and white chalk border here and the yellow scalloped border was left over from another bright and cheery project! :)

I pinned up the egg cartons with tacks...I tried stapling the cartons first and that was a complete disaster! Haha! Pretty sure I broke a sweat trying to maneuver my stapler at the perfect angle to get the cartons to stick. :P I stapled some brown butcher paper around the cartons to act as a bee hive.

I was pretty impressed with my bee-hive building skills after all was said and done! My kiddos thought the hive was the bees knees! On the first day of school, after discussing our hopes and dreams for the school year I asked each 3rd grader to think about what they wanted to "bee" when they grow up. While my students worked I was able to buzz around the room and check out their aspirations for the future. It was such a fun, get to know you/back to school craft-ivity that really helped me learn much more about my students than I ever expected!
If you're interested in my bee craft you can find it in here in my TPT store! I would so love to hear about everybody's FUN back to school activities! :)