Tuesday, November 11, 2014

That's just the way the Cookie Crumbles

How do you manage student behavior? Something new I've started this year, called smart cookies, really has my students motivated! I've created a document with a smart cookie template. Once I've printed the document I'll copy the page on multi-colored paper from Staples and cut out the cookies individually. They end up looking like this...

At  the beginning of the school year I gave these out like crazy for coming into the classroom quietly, quickly showing me that they were ready to learn, etc. I award them for many different reasons. When students earn a smart cookie they know to put their name on the back of the paper.
They then put them into the massive cookie jar! On Friday afternoon I pull anywhere from 10 to 12 cookies from the jar. The students' names that are pulled will get a piece of candy. See the gold smart cookie pictured above? I award the golden smart cookies for EXCELLENT behavior! In the case that I pull a golden smart cookie at the end of the week that student has the opportunity to pull from a prize box (filled with dollar store goodies..oooh yah!)

This approach to behavior management works well for my students! Because I don't always pull everyone's name from the jar I also have a 20 - 30 minute block of time set aside at the end of the day on Friday called "Fun Friday." This allows the well behaved kids a reward despite not being pulled from the cookie jar.

If you're interested in using this idea you can find it for free here. If you choose to use it please share your experiences and comment below!! Thanks!! :)

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