Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins...OH MY! A Halloween Classroom Party Adventure!

Trying to keep calm during this HALLOWEEN MADNESS?! Yes, I know! The struggle is all too real! On top of being an educator and mentor, during the holiday season teachers feel the added pressure of party planner! Staying organized during this time has proven difficult for me in years past. This year I've decided to be pro-active! I always send a Halloween Party note home each year, asking for parent volunteers to help plan and organize our party as well as supply donations. I whipped up these parent remind slips for our Halloween party. Included in this FREEBIE are two parent notes -- one for parent volunteers and another for party donations. These slips will help me keep organized this year, as the flurry of party notes come in and my hair--piece by piece--begins to turn gray! :) HAHA! Only kidding! Check out my sample below!

Click here to download my Halloween Classroom Party Parent Reminders!

What does your district do in celebration of Halloween? Our school always has a parade, followed by a classroom party. The parade is GREAT! The kiddos get to show off their proud and spooky costumes! We end the day with a classroom party. Because I'm a HUGE fan of the Daily 5 in reading, I model my classroom parties after the rotations we use in my reading block. With the help of parent volunteers I split my classroom into thirds and have each group rotate through 3 stations: A snack station, a craft station, and finally, a game station!

The last few years I've had my kiddos MAKE a fun, themed Halloween snack. I found the idea here at this party and food blog...shout out to Party Pinching Blog! As soon as I found the idea I couldn't wait to try it out! For the snack you need:

  • Ghost Peeps (1 for each student)
  • Chocolate pudding cups (1 for each student)
  • Package of Oreos, crumbled
  • Pumpkin candies
  • Spoons
BOOM! Here is the ghostly treat! A-dorable!

For my craft I gather a ton of Q-tips and cut about half of them in half. Then, I print off skeleton skulls. I have my kiddos build a skeleton of their very own using the Q-tips and runny glue. I pick fun Halloween colors for my students to glue their skeletons on (lime green, purple, orange, black). They have a BALL positioning their skeleton and bones in different positions!

Finally, my game station is a simple BINGO game, using candy corn as game pieces. I also have students guess the number of m&m's in a mason jar. I'm always looking for new, FUN games that are easy for kids and budget friendly. Comment with your Halloween Classroom Party ideas below! :) Can't wait to hear all about your successes.